Fantastic massage. Highly recommend.

I had a long-term pain in the upper back which years of treatment with different physiotherapists could not relieve. It is almost gone after treatments at Sydney Deep Tissue Massage, as well as daily exercise on my part, which Henry emphasised was important. He correctly identified the pain as part of a bigger problem, scoliosis, requiring long-term management. He gets to the root of the problem and does a wholehearted job.

was gone. That was 4 months ago and so I returned for a pain in my lower back and I am feeling the benefits already. Not only does Henry give a great massage, but he also provides a stimulating conversation. Highly recommend.

After years of chiropractic adjustments to treat a severe scoliosis, I only found temporary relief which resulted in a treadmill of adjustment. So, I was very pleased when I found Henry, who, through remedial muscular manipulation, turned the clock back decades, giving me ongoing freedom of movement. Also, through corrective exercise, he left no stone unturned, to return me to good health. Congratulations on your new webpage Henry. Very informative.

Have known Henry for almost thirty years and his treatment for pain is practically miraculous. I have had cures for thing I did not even know were part of my neck/back pain problem until they were gone. Headaches, dizzy spells.....things that doctors couldn't help me with. Henry Broda and Joseph Pilates are names I have come to associate with physical remediation from personal experience because they work.

I had another fantastic massage from Henry this week. I was suffering from upper back pain and reduced movement. After the appointment i had improved movement and no pain. Henry is amazing and the only masssge therapist i will visit as he actually works!

Henry really knows his work. You leave after the treatment fully mobile and the painful deep spots totally pain free. He always works with you, so make sure you describe exactly where it hurts and what actions increase the pain, so he can do the best he knows how.

I suffered from debilitating neck, shoulder and back pain and I had visited many other therapists but none could alleviate my pain fully, that was until I found Henry. That was some 10 years ago. Henry was so knowledgeable and knew right away the cause of my pain and treated it correctly. His skill and knowledge are the reason I continue to see him. Always the professional he is by far the best remedial massage therapist in Sydney that I’ve come across and can wholeheartedly recommend to him to all.

Great massage and great chat. Can only recommend Henry.

Henry was amazing from the time of contact. He was so accommodating and helping me in a time of distress and when I was in so much pain. He went out of his way to look after me and went out of his way to fit me in last minute. He is unique in his treatment and relieved me of the pain I was in and in helping me to be able to enjoy the rest of my stay in Sydney. I can't thank him enough. Amazing.