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Educational History

02 March 2015

Certificates, Continuing Education and Workshops.

Diploma of Remedial Massage : Nature Care College

Australian Traditional Medicine Society : #22262


Sports massage : Nature Care College
Osteopathic Massage : Nature Care College
Anatomy and Physiology 1 : T.A.F.E.
Biochemistry 1 : T.A.F.E.
Functional Anatomy : T.A.F.E.

Continuing Education

Shiatsu1 : East-west Centre ( Karou Kasagi from Zen Shiatsu Dogo Japan)
Advanced Sports Massage : Richard Harris (ex USA )


Metamorphosis Technique : Gaston Saint-Pierre ( ex UK)
Functional Anatomy and Feldenkrais : Frank Wildman (ex USA)
Balance,Swiss Ball,Rotational Training : Paul Chek (ex USA)
Myofascial Release : Art Riggs (ex USA)
Trigger Point Release, PNF Stretching : Richard Harris (ex USA)