Deep tissue massage helps you achieve stamina , strength, and optimal muscle length to give you best the performance.

Office Stress and Strain

- Stress and Pain
- Computer Work
- Ergonomics
- Poor Posture

Posture Correction & Idiopathic Scoliosis

- Pain management
- Soft tissue treatment
- Relief of muscular tension on the skeleton.

Sports Massage

- Pre and Post Event Treatment
- Old Injuries
- Current Injuries
- Rehabilitation
- Injury Prevention

Deep Tissue Massage

Stamina , Strength , and Optimal Muscle Length give you best performance. Tight muscles, over-training, unpreparedness, old and chronic injuries, strains and sprains, all contribute to under performance, tiredness, pain and fresh injuries.


Client Testimonials

I have got great results from Henry’s treatment. I feel so much better after the treatment!

Bobby Collins

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